I Want to Donate to the Greenfield Historical Society

There are various ways in which to make a contribution to the Greenfield Historical Society, including Cash Contributions, online shopping using AmazonSmile, Donation of Greenfield Memorabilia, and Estate Planning.

Cash Contributions

Cash Contributions can be made ONLINE using your credit card or PayPal by selecting the Donate Button below

OR you may print this Donation Form, complete and mail to the Greenfield Historical Society.

Memorabilia Contributions

To donate memorabilia, please call us or email us with the items you wish to donate. You may use the form below to describe your donation of Memorabilia.

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Estate Planning

Have you heard about the guy who made the comment, jokingly we can presume, "if I can't take it with me, I ain't going"? Or the couple who was discussing the "passing" of an acquaintance and was musing about how much of an estate was left and one of them responded "all of it"!! So true.

We often resort to humor to help us talk about those issues we are uncomfortable thinking and talking about. And many of these subjects are really very important to us. Such is the case when each of us contemplates our own "legacy".

What is our legacy? Broadly speaking, those things which we hand down to future generations. As each of us lives our lives we contribute to our legacies in a number of ways. Many contribute to organizations or causes with their time, their talent and their resources, including money.

Many continue to add to their legacy through estate provisions.

As you consider YOUR legacy, the Greenfield Historical Society would like for you to seriously consider this organization for your support.

The Historical Society of Greenfield, Ohio, Inc., more commonly called the Greenfield Historical Society, was formed in 1949. It is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501 (c) 3 corporation which means that any gifts to the Society are tax deductible.

The mission of the Society is to further historical preservation and education in Greenfield, Ohio, and the surrounding area. To this end, it shall own and maintain Travellers Rest for collecting, preserving, and interpreting archival materials and artifacts indigenous to the Greenfield area; encourage historical research; sponsor programs, displays and special events; be concerned with the preservation of historical buildings and cooperate with other organizations interested in historic preservation.

The history and heritage of our Greenfield Community is truly awesome. The responsibility for its preservation for our future generations is very humbling. As you consider the legacy that You will leave behind, we respectfully request that you consider remembering the Greenfield Historical Society with a bequest in your Last Will And Testament.

With your help, together we can pass on our historical heritage to the future generations of our community.

Respectfully yours,

The Greenfield Historical Society

P.S. Should you desire to help pass on our heritage, see your attorney about adding the following clause to your Will:

"In order to help pass on the significant historical heritage of my community, I hereby give and bequeath the sum of $________ to The Historical Society of Greenfield, Ohio, Inc."


The Greenfield Historical Society
PO Box 266
Greenfield, Ohio 45123