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Paint Creek Patterns Quilt Barn Trail

1 Monkey Wrench Monkey Wrench, John and Wendy Royse, 11530 Rt. 138 SW, Highland County. Painted by John and Wendy Royse.
The Monkey Wrench pattern, sometimes called Churn Dash, hangs on the section of the 1830s barn that housed the shop. Recently the Royses removed the stucco on the house to reveal the original stone structure.
2 Colorado Colorado, Paul and Evelyn Orr, 10311 Rt. 753 S, Highland County. Painted by Suzanne Irvine Sharp.
The Colorado Square on the Orr barn celebrates the new state that joined the Union in 1876 during the American Centennial.
3 Hunter's Star Hunter's Star, Janie and Paul Cockrill, 9494 Winegar Road, Highland County. Painted by Janie Cockrill.
Another Star pattern hangs on this barn of an early Petersburg farm.
4 Electric Fan Electric Fan, Jogi Roe, 9701 SR 138, Highland County. Painted by Jogi Roe.
This square, Electric Fan, dates from the early 1920s but is based on earlier pinwheel patterns. The striking colors were chosen from a quilt made by the owner's mother. The square hangs on an old hay barn on the 1860s farmstead.
5 Ohio Star Ohio Star, Jerry and Jody Faulconer, 10431 Cope Road, Highland County. Painted by Maxine Carson.
Another example of reversal of light and dark in a popular quilt pattern.
5 Wedding Ring Wedding Ring, Jerry and Jody Faulconer, 10431 Cope Road, Highland County. Painted by Maxine Carson.
Just as quilt patterns were based on many utilitarian objects, they also celebrated special events in the quilters’lives.
6 Basket Basket, John and Mary Ann Larkin, 10665 Cope Road, Highland County. Painted by Patsy Smith.
The Basket alerted slaves to begin hiding supplies for their escape.
6 Flying Geese Flying Geese, Mary Ann and John Larkin, .2 mile west of 10665 Cope Road, Highland County. Painted by Patsy Smith.
Flying Geese indicated an escape timed in the spring with the migrating birds and also sometimes indicated the direction to the next safe house. The owners of this Century Farm are descendants of a prominent abolitionist family of Highland County.
7 Double North Star Double North Star, Sims Family Golf, Mike and Sharon Sims, 11801 Hull Road, Highland County. Painted by Suzanne Irvine Sharp.
This square, displayed on the public Sims Family Driving Range, depicts the North Star, a navigational landmark for thousands of years.
8 Milky Way Milky Way, Buckeye Hills, 7261 Limes Road, Fayette County. Painted by Suzanne Irvine Sharp.
Buckeye Hills, a public golf course and restaurant, shows the square known as Milky Way. Quilters looked to nature for inspiration. The night sky was a prime source when one considers all the star pattern variations.
9 End of the Day End of the Day, Rhonda and Ollie Sponcil, 11168 Bonner Road, Fayette County. Painted by Wendy Royse.
This newer square, End of the Day, was chosen to reflect the rest at the end of a long day. Executed in reds and yellows it depicts the rays of the setting sun. A portion of the Sponcil home contains the original log walls of the cabin built here.
10 Log Cabin Log Cabin, Tom and Debbie Beatty, 9293 Bonner Road, Fayette County. Painted by Tom And Debbie Beatty.
This is the sixth generation of Beattys to live on the family farm. The farm was given to John Beatty for his services during the American Revolution. The log cabin square directed runaways to build a log cabin to weather out the winter and establish residency in a "free" area. The red center represents the hearth or fire of the cabin.
11 Mountain Star Mountain Star, Patricia Smith, 10128 State Route 753 N, Greenfield, Fayette County. Painted by Patricia Smith and Wendy Ellis.
Star patterns were often used to guide runaway slaves. This century farm was owned by one of the early abolitionists in the Fayette/Highland county area.
12 Friendship Friendship, Laquita and Jim Kline, 529 Kline Road, Ross County. Layout by Suzanne Irvine Sharp, painted by Jim Kline.
The owners of this farm chose this pattern to commemorate all the kind people they met as they traveled across the country with their antique Oliver tractor collection.
13 Sail Boat Sail Boat, Jan and Charlie Slagle, 5022 SR 138E, Ross County. Layout by Suzanne Irvine Sharp.
The sail boat square, indicative of transportation, graces the barn of a farm used on the Underground Railroad. Family legends pass on the story of a slave hunter shot and buried on the farm during the tumultuous time after the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850.
14 Chimney Sweep Chimney Sweep, Wayne and Kaye Kline, 32 Harper Station Road. Ross County. Painted by Wendy Royse.
The Chimney Sweep is a pattern based on an essential tool of the settlers. A clean chimney would help cut down on flue fires. The Klines chose this pattern in honor of a quilt owned by Mrs. Kline
15 Christmas Star Christmas Star, Robin and Greg Garman, 5037 SR 28 E, Ross County. Painted by Robin and Greg Garman.
In the earliest quilts, the Star of Bethlehem was a large central design made of diamond shaped pieces. One of the variations of this pattern is the Christmas Star.
16 Eight Pointed Star Eight Pointed Star, Julia and Eldon Eselgroth, 4222 SR 28 E, Ross County. Layout by Harold Schmidt.
The Lemoyne or Lemon Star pattern is thought to have been directions for escaping slaves. The Eselgroth farm house was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Julia chose this pattern because her mother had given her a quilt with the same pattern.
17 Improved 9 Patch Improved 9 Patch, Eugene Martin, 1378 Beath Road, Ross County. Painted by Wendy Royse.
The Improved Nine Patch square was chosen by Cheryl Martin after she received a collection of squares done by her aunt. Cheryl pieced the top and then quilted it.
18 Paws Paws, Jerry Parker, 2093 Pricer Ridge, Ross County. Painted by Jerry Parker.
In 2006 , buffalo were kept on this farm. From the top of this ridge, the panoramic view, in any season, captures the beauty of this area.
19 Steps to the Altar Steps to the Altar, Dena and Jim Benner, 903 Upper Twin Road, Ross County. Painted by Suzanne Irvine Sharp.
This is an example of another figural pattern. It is an excellent example of how to use small scraps of material. This barn is on part of the scenic Buckskin Township Loop drive.
20 Carpenter's Wheel Carpenter's Wheel, Grain & Hay Building, Greenfield Historical Society, 103 McArthur Way N, Highland County. Painted by Patricia Smith and Wendy Ellis.
The old Greenfield Grain and Hay building is now home to the Greenfield Historical Society. Appropriately, the building displays the Carpenter's Wheel, a square reflecting the settler's need to be a jack-of-all-trades and self-sufficient.
21 Bear Claw Bear Claw, Greenfield Vet Clinic, 211 McArthur Way N, Greenfield, Highland County. Painted by Suzanne Irvine Sharp.
The square "Bear Claw" decorates the old DT & I train depot now the Greenfield Vet Clinic. On the East coast, this pattern was known as "Duck's Foot in the Mud". Westward migration changed the name to reflect what pioneers found here.
A Dresden Plate Dresden Plate, Peg Beekman, 9438 SR 753 S, Highland County. Painted by Suzanne Irvine Sharp.
The Dresden Plate pattern is a popular pattern that allows a quilter to show off their skill in piecing curves and arcs.
B Rolling Star
Star and Moon
Rolling Star, Wendell Fisher, 9276 Bectal Road, Hillsboro, Highland County. Designed by David Sharp, painted by Susanne Sharp.
Star and Moon, Wendel Fisher, 9276 Bectal Road, Highland County. Painted by Wendel Fisher.
The Star and Moon pattern evokes the quilts done by the Amish. The Amish use much black as background fabric.
C Diamond Star Diamond Star, Jim Lucas 10041 St Rt 138, Highland County. Painted by Maxine Carson.
This star pattern is sometimes called the Diamond Star. Some feel this was originally a New England pattern.
D Heavenly Star Heavenly Star, Hank Hurlesss, 11370 Bridges Road, Leesburg, Highland County. Painted by Maxine Carson
This pattern is called Heavenly Star. The cluster of individual stars represents the constellations in the night sky.
E Shasta Daisy Shasta Daisy, Donna and Paul Penn, 12881 SR 41N, Fayette County. Painted by Donna Penn.
The eight pointed star pattern can often be named for flowers. The choice of colors and the borders help define this pattern.
F Free Trade Free Trade, Margie and Phil Free, 13094 Watt Road, Highland County. Painted by Margie Free.
The Free Trade pattern shows quilters' interest in politics. In the mid 1800s there was much debate over taxes and import tariffs. Phil and Margie Free chose this pattern to reflect their name and business interests in farming.
H Mountain Star Variation Mountain Star Variation, Bruce and Belinda Coleman, 803 Kline Road, Ross County. Painted by Bruce and Belinda Coleman.
Quilters have the ability to take similar patterns and different fabrics and create unique pieces as shown in this Star pattern variation.
I Star Variation Star Variation, Frank and Janice Irvine, 1007 Cart Lane, Ross County. Painted by Judy Thomas.
Star variations make up one of the largest groups of quilt patterns. The squares and triangles can be combined into a myriad of colors and shadows.
J Spool Patch - Barn Patch Spool Patch - Barn Patch, Diane Hisey, 3453 Rt. 138 NE, Ross County. Painted by Diane Hisey.
The Spool Patch was an early pattern that was easy for novice quilters to piece. Figural patterns such as School House and Barn came later.
K Bow Tie Bow Tie, Barb and Ron Conley, 832 Irvine Lane, Ross County. Painted by Suzanne Irvine Sharp.
The geometric shapes and stark contrast colors give this pattern a very modern look.
L Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder, David and Suzanne Sharp, 975 Irvine Lane, Ross County. Painted by Suzanne Irvine Sharp.
The more pieces involved in a square required a quilter to have advanced skills. This pattern forced a sewer to take her time to match all the edges.
M Ohio Star Ohio Star, Barb and Gary Havens, 723 Greenlee Road, Ross County. Painted by Belinda Coleman.
One of the most popular patterns is the Ohio Star. It is from an earlier pattern and as the Northwest Territory was settled and Ohio joined the original 13 states, it was named for the new state.
N Peace Star Peace Star, Connie and Wayne Bryant, 1113 Sever Road, Frankfort, Ross County.
By changing the orientation of triangles patterns can show many variations. This pattern is know as the Peace Star.
P Double T Double T, Margie and Bobby Trefz, 3370 SR 28E, Ross County. Painted by Maxine Carson.
The Double T square is a variation of the Double Z or Brown Goose pattern. The "T" also serves as a monogram for the Trefzs.
Q Tiger's Eye Tiger's Eye, Connie Streitengerger, 3100 SR 28 E, Ross County. Painted by LuAnn Roe.
This Tiger Eye square is painted purple and gold in honor of the McClain H.S. basketball team. Whenever the Tiger team travels to Athens for tournament play this barn sports a message of good luck.
R Rosie's Grandmother's Rosie's Grandmother's, Rosie and Larry Olaker, 1326 Morton Road, Ross County. Painted by Maxine Carson.
The pattern is from a quilt of Rosie's grandmother.
S Four T Square Four T Square, Dusty Trefz, 2777 Mount Olive Road, Ross County. Painted by Maxine Carson.
Fittingly this square is a reverse of the light and dark of square #25. These father/son squares also reflect the family’s last name.
T Wyoming Wyoming, Marsha and Dean Hatfield, 539 Mount Olive Road, Ross County. Painted by Marsha Hatfield.
The rich farm and grazing land of the West drew settlers so quilters celebrated these new territories and eventual states with their own pattern
V Sunflower Sunflower, Norman and Bonnie McCloskey, 647 Moon Road, Greenfield, Ross County. Designed by David Sharp, painted by Marilyn Mitchell and Vickie Smith.
W North Dakota North Dakota, Troilee and Harold Lyle, 609 Thrifton Road, Ross County. Painted by Troilee Lyle.
As America moved westward, the territories and states were reflected in new quilt squares. In 1889, North Dakota became a state and the Lyle's square celebrates its joining the U.S.
X Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon, Tammy and Fred McNeil, 8766 Rapid Forge Road, Ross County. Designed and painted by Maxine Carson.
As an active 4-H family the McNeals have been very successful at the Ross Co. Fair in livestock. This figural square represents their awards.
Y Tulip Basket Tulip Basket, Joe Pat and Vickie Smith, 4482 Main Street (in the alley), South Salem, Ross County. Artist - Suzanne Sharp.
Z Dolly Madison Star Dolly Madison Star, Brenda and Bill Knapp, 236 McArthur Way N, Greenfield, Highland County. Painted by Brenda Knapp.
This star pattern was named after President James Madison's wife. She is famous for saving the full length portrait of George Wasington when she fled the White House, prior to the British burning it,during the War of 1812 .
ZZ Mosaic Star Mosaic Star, Karen and Ted Wheaton, 755 Lafayette Street, Highland County. Painted by Karen Wheaton.
Quilters often built upon earlier patterns. The early,simple 8 pointed star was pieced with a round border to create a new pattern.

Sources: Old Patchwork Quilts and the Women Who Made Them by Ruth E. Finley; Small Endearments 19th Century Quilts for Children by Sandi Fox.

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