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Read about the activities and impact the Greenfield Historical Society has had on the community during 2104. [ Impact Summary 2014 ]

The Cosmopolitan Club

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Anyone know anything about this musical group? The above picture is from a 1932 edition of the Greenfield Times.

First Things in Greenfield

This booklet was published in 1939 and was written by J. Lester Seel describing Greenfield's "firsts" from 1799-1880.
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Tour over 50 Quilt Barns in the Greenfield area. Paint Creek Patterns is a project of the Greenfield Historical Society and links quilt barns in Highland, Fayette and Ross Counties with other Ohio counties participating in the "Clothesline of Quilts" across Southern Ohio and throughout the other Appalachian states.

Greenfield played an important role in the Underground Railroad as shown in the Paint Creek Freedom Trail brochure.

The Historical Society of Greenfield Ohio, formed in 1949, is non-profit and exists to further historical preservation and education in Greenfield, Ohio, and the surrounding area. To this end it shall own and maintain all Greenfield Historical Society’s properties for collecting, preserving and interpreting archival materials and artifacts indigenous to the Greenfield area; encourage historical research; sponsor programs, displays and special events; be concerned with the preservation of historical buildings and cooperate with other organizations interested in historic preservation.

Officers and Board of Trustees

Harold Schmidt, President
Wendy Royse, Vice President
Kay Scheeler, Secretary
Judy Schmidt, Treasurer

Board of Trustees

Larry Bellar
Jay Hardy
Phil Harewood
Wendy Royse
Harold Schmidt
Earlene Scott
Patsy Smith
G.A. "Hank" Thompson
Susan Thompson

The Board of Trustees normally meets the first Thursday of each month at Travellers Rest (see Calendar for times). The meeting is open to the public. Travellers Rest is open on Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by appointment.

During the months of December, January, and Feburary, Travellers Rest will NOT be open Thursday afternoons, unless special arrangements are made. Normal Thursday hours will resume beginning in March. In addition, we will not be open on Thanksgiving.

Did you know the 100th Anniversary of E.L. McClain High School is in 2015?

The high school was dedicated on September 1-4, 1915. In recognition of its anniversary, events are being planned by various members of the community for September of 2015. Tentative plans and more information can be found at the McClain100 website.

Below are links to various pictures and articles concerning E.L. McClain and the dedication:

1915 E.L. McClain High School pictures

Pictures of the school system taken in 1926

CLICK HERE to see all the early McClain High School pictures and dedication documents listed below:
  • Picture of E.L. McClain and his response to the Dragon Editor, Dec. 2012
  • A Roof Garden Possibility for the Study of Agriculture and Horticulture - Jan. 1914 Dragon
  • Contract Let-Greenfield Republican-012214
  • Extracts from the Speech of Gov. James Cox at Dedication- June 1914 Dragon
  • Block Plan For the New School-Jan. 1914 Dragon
  • Floor Plans For the New School-Aug. 1915 Dragon
  • The Greenfield Republican article - Aug 26, 1915 - Announcing Dedication
  • The Pittsburg Dispatch-Sept. 12, 1915 - One Man Provides HS Building
  • 1915 Announcement of the Dedication Ceremony
  • 1915 Dedication Program
  • 1915 Dedication Historical Sketch of Greenfield Schools given by Arthur Beardsley Dunlap
  • 1915 Dedication Commentary
  • Dedicatory Ode delivered at dedication, Sept. 4, 1915
  • Pictures of some of the participants at the 1915 Dedication
  • The Greenfield Republican article - Sept. 2, 1915
  • The Dedication event summary from the Oct. 1915 Dragon
  • Roof Garden Festival Social Event - Oct. 1915 Dragon
  • Exercise Class on the Roof Garden - 1915 Dragon, Gymnasium Number
  • Girls Gymnasium Class - 1915 Dragon, Gymnasium Number
  • Pryamids - 1915 Dragon, Gymnasium Number
  • Apparatus Work - 1915 Dragon, Gymnasium Number
  • Seniors Folk Dancing on the Roof - 1917 Dragon
  • Cincinnati Commercial Tribune-033120-Greenfield Boosts of Finest School
  • Laying the cornerstone picture
  • Vesper Lincoln George describes his meeting with McClain and the murals, The Greenfield Republican, Jan. 6, 1921
  • View of preparation for one of the murals
  • May 3rd, 1934, E.L. McClain death notice from The Leesburg Citizen newspaper
  • Sept. 2, 1915 Organ Recital Program

Also see pictures of Greenfield Schools in our Photo Album.

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